National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
29 May 2018
Dmitry Dovgalenok: “The concept of the International Olympic Day is a holiday for children”

On May 29, 2018 a press conference was held at the headquarters of the NOC of Belarus. It was dedicated to the celebration of the International Olympic Day. 

The event was attended by famous Belarusian sportsmen, representatives of federations and media.

During the press conference the following issues were discussed: the format and place of the celebration of International Olympic day, sports, represented at the event, as well as the participation of eminent athletes in celebration.

Dmitry Dovgalenok (Head of the Department on the development of the Olympic movement at the National Olympic Committee), took the first floor:
"The main reason for changing the venue for the celebration of International Olympic day this year is its scale. In this regard, the "Olympic" is quite convenient. In addition, it is well equipped with electricity, which allows you to effectively address a number of technical issues. 

"The concept of the International Olympic Day is a holiday for children. The date of the holiday this year was not chosen by chance. Children will not go to summer camps. On the Olympic day they can get all the information about schools and clubs which they are interested in. We are planning to celebrate up to 16:00 for sure, but it all depends on the weather" said Dovgalenok. 


Then the Olympic champion 2008 on canoeing-Deuce on the 1000 metres, the Deputy of the House of representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Bogdanovich took the floor:

"It's nice that such events are held by the NOC. It’s very important that any child will be able to come and try various sports. In addition, children will come to socialize, make new friends, and decide on what they like. Definitely, it’s a positive factor that the International Olympic day will represent a variety of sports”.

The Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian basketball Federation (BBF), the European youth basketball champion, Yegor Meshcheryakov supported the previous speaker.

“It is good that such events are held. This year BBF will focus on basketball 3 x 3, which was recently recognized as an Olympic sport. We will develop it within our country as well. First of all, this sport is easily accessible and therefore causes further interest. During the International Olympic day, we will hold a mini basketball tournament 3 x 3. You can also chat with our famous athletes. For example, with Catherine Snytina”, said the famous basketball player.


Despite the summer season, winter sports will be represented at the International Olympic day. 

Alexey Hatylev, Managing Director of the Belarusian Union of skaters, shared his expectations: "Skating is one of the few winter sports, which will have its own playground on June 2. I would like to say that one can go skating in any region of the country and not only in the winter. All you need is to take roller-skates and imitate skaters’ movements. Roller skate quest with five levels will be organised at the celebration day. The objective of the quest is to identify skaters’ skills. I want to take this opportunity to add that the Skating Union works hard to develop special applications to make children come to the stadiums. Nowadays children spend a lot of time in front of their computers, and thus we hope to offer an alternative. If you have no roller-skates at the International Olympic Day, you shouldn’t really worry because they will be rented free of charge”. 

IMG_0488.jpgRepresentatives of the public association "Children. Autism. Parents " also took part in the press conference. Alexandra Gerasimenya, two-time vice-champion of 2012 Olympic Games in swimming (50 and 100 m freestyle), bronze medalist of the Olympic Games 2016 (50 m freestyle), Honoured master of sports of the Republic of Belarus, told us about their part in the Olympic Day celebration.

"Our goal is to develop an inclusive project teaching kids with autism in a group with normal children. This project is unique for our country, and we would like to implement it in Belarus. Recently, our coaches went to Italy, where they adopted the experience of their colleagues working in this sphere. In September, we are running our pilot project-type – we are going to teach first 4 groups of children with autism to swim. We should understand that these children are very often talented and they just need to be given a chance. We are ready for it. We will present our exhibition at the International Olympic Day. Come and support us! ". 


Anton Yuspa, Director of the Republican public association "Belarusian Tennis Federation, Member of the Executive Committee of the NOC, also supported the celebration of the International Olympic Day.

"On this unique day every child can enjoy a variety of sports, including tennis. We will provide a special court, divided into separate stations. In addition, we will have 2 playgrounds for mini tennis, where everyone will be able to test their skills," said Juspa.

The guests of the International Olympic day will also have a unique chance to feel like a professional athlete. This information was given by Natalya Ivanchykava, Scientific Secretary of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of sports.

"During the celebration every child should enjoy. So our platform will be equipped with a mobile medical centre with modern equipment, allowing to examine athletes at all events. This will help kids feel ready-made athletes. In addition, we will provide children with a lot of literature on healthy lifestyles. 

As we have informed, a sports festival dedicated to the International Olympic day, will take place on June 2, 2018 from 11:00 to 17:00 on the basis of the sports complex "Olympic" (Minsk, Surganova, 2A).

The motto of the event is "Move, Learn and Discover"

Come with your family! Free entrance!


Press office NOC Belarus

Photo: NOC Belarus,
Alexander Shelegov