National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
2 June 2018
Minsk celebrated International Olympic Day 2018

On June 2, International Olympic Day started off in Minsk with the official opening in the territory of health and recreation sport complex “Olympic”.

A formal part of the sport festivity has been arranged for instalment of the commemorative nameplate. It announces forthcoming construction of the arena, which will host the beach soccer tournament at the II European Games Minsk 2019.

As the official ceremony began, First Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Astashevich delivered a welcome speech, saying:

“This is a holiday of the youth, who are interested and would like to be engaged in sport. I hope to see smiles of children and their parent free of daily burden for at least today. Our aim is to introduce healthy lifestyle and the Olympic Movement to children, bring them up to become Olympic champions.

Soon, the nameplate is going to be replaced by the beach soccer stadium. In august, it will host international competitions to test readiness of the venue by the time the European Games will have started”.

“The more people come - the better. Now 35 sports are being promoted in 20 playgrounds, and that is enough for a child to find something he or she will do from now on. Parents are encouraged to choose a sport section for their children. Every sector is manned by a competent specialist. He will answer questions and help parents with a right choice for the child. As many people as possible should be informed about such a holiday”, thinks Minister of Sports and Tourism Sergey Kovalchuk.  

To kick off International Olympic Day 2018, apart from Andrei Astashevich and Sergey Kovalchuk, there have been invited Minsk City Mayor Andrei Shorets, Director of the European Games 2019 Directorate George Katulin, and President of the Beach Football Federation Alexei Sychyov.