National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
22 March 2018
NOC Belarus celebrates 27's foundation day

This day, 27 years ago, the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus was established.

Next year, on the 9th of March 1992, NOC Belarus was recognized as a temporary member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). NOC Belarus was awarded full membership by the IOC at the 101st Session during 21-24 September 1993 in Monaco. As a result, the Republic of Belarus got the right to send its sports delegation for the Olympic Games.

The first President of the NOC Belarus became Vladzimir Ryzhenkov.

Since May 1997, Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus, has been the head of the NOC Belarus.

Throughout Belarus’ sovereignty, the Belarusian athletes bore a part in 13 Olympic Games editions – 7 Winter and 6 Summer Games. A hundred of Belarus’ athletes became the winners and medalists of the Games. They won 97 Olympic medals: 20 gold, 32 silver and 45 bronze medals.