National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
2 June 2018
Olympic Day 2018 in Minsk - sport holiday for all

On June 2, thousands of adults and children joined International Olympic Day celebration in the Belarusian capital. Against expectations of many skeptics, the event was primarily zeroing in on children, not popular athletes.

Young participants put aside cell phones, autograph- and photo-session with sport celebrities to focus on yet another, up to now unknown kind of sport.

Leader of the national women’s basketball team Katsiaryna Snytsina was surprised to the upside as she saw two 4-5 years old kids on her playground. A few children were playing a real match nearby. “Such sport event format is what our country actually needs to popularize basketball”, thinks Snytsina.

NOC Belarus Secretary General George Katulin led two grandkids by hand to be a part of Olympic fest. The boys make practice of martial arts – however, they were in hurry to visit as many other sport sectors as possible and got impassioned by golf. Family approach plays one of the key roles in sport issues, according to football instructors: “Sport holidays should target on families. Not the world sport heroes, but parents are a beacon and role model for children. Dad playing football is more of spectacular example for a kid than the one watching it on TV”.

The Olympic Day programme is extended year by year. In 2018 the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus and Federations have showcased 35 summer and winter sports. As a result, the guests of the festival are unanimous: this year Olympic Day is cool, next year it will raise the bar again.