National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
24 February 2018

The results of the Belarusian athletes performance at the XXIII Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

Cross-Country Skiing


The concluding cross-country skiing event and last chance for athletes to win medals was men’s 50km mass start classic.

The only Belarusian contender Michail Semenov finished 44th in 2:22:51.2h (+14:29.1).

It took 2:08:22.1 for Finnish Iivo Niskanen to win gold, as OAR Alexander Bolshunov (+18.7) and Andrey Larkov (+2:37.5) got silver and bronze awards, respectively.

A total of 69 skiers took part in the marathon.

Speed Skating


Maryna Zuyeva and Tatsiana Mikhailava represented Belarus in women’s mass start.

Maryna went through to the final run with the 8th result in semifinal 1. She scored 3 points and placed 6th in final protocol.


Tatsiana Mikhailava made attempt in the second qualification heat to break to finals but dropped out competition for medals with 11th result having clocked in 8:33.93.

Japanese Nana Takag (60 points), South Korean Kim Bo-Reum (40 points) and Netherlands’ Irene Schouten (20 points) won all the three medals of mass start.

Vitali Mikhailau passed through men’s semifinal 2 with 20 points scored and qualified to the final heat, where he came in 7th (+7:53.38) and earned 1 point.

South Korean Lee Seung Hoon (60 points), Belgium’s Bart Swings (40 points) and Netherlands’ Koen Verweij (20 points) became the winners of men’s mass start.







Men's 50km Mass Start Classic

Michail Semenov 44th place, 2:22:51.2 (+14:29.1)

Speed Skating

Women's Mass Start Maryna Zuyeva 6th place, 3 points
Tatsiana Mikhailava 11th place in qualification
Men's Mass Start Vitali Mikhailau 7th place, 1 point