National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
8 November 2018
Raubichi to host BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon leg in 2022
The Belarusian sport center Raubichi will host the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon leg in 2022.

According to IBU Sports Director Felix Bitterling, there will be two new venues in the World Cup calendar 2022: Estonia's Otepaa and Belarus' Minsk-Raubichi. Belarus will host 2021/2022 BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 7 on 28 February-6 March following the Olympic Games in Beijing. This season the Raubichi sport center will host the IBU Open European Championships on 18-24 February

The Raubichi sport center has hosted world and European biathlon championships before. After a major makeover the center played host to the Biathlon Junior World Championships in 2015.