National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
6 November 2018
YOG 2018. «The medalist responds». Ivan Brynza

Ivan Brynza – the captain and standard-bearer of the Belarusian team at the III Summer Youth Olympic Games, hadn’t even assumed to win a medal before going to Buenos Aires. Yet, he came back with silver medal regretting to have lost the gold. A 17-year-old sculls rower proceeds our section «The medalist responds», where winner and medalists of the YOG-2018 outline their daily lives.

It is funny how I started off my sport career. I was in school class when the coaches came to us. They was looking for tall guys. They gave me an address to come, so I decided to try. Before moving to Minsk, I lived in Shklov and went for swimming there.

My first coach was Elena Kovaleva. She has got my mind set on important idea: «The main thing is to never call it a day and always move on».

When preparing for the Games in Buenos Aires, I thought there is no chance for me to win a medal. But then I saw the results of the races and realized that I could make it. I supposed even to win the gold. Therefore, I was very upset when I didn’t manage to do it. I was very, very close to victory.


I did not expect competitors to cave in too soon. Everyone was so motivated, well trained and deserved to win.

Recalling Buenos Aires, I most likely think on how close I was to the first place. I still think it was only a couple of meters I was come short of. But silver is also a good end of the story.

The second place motivates to work even harder.

I wish I win a medal in the adult Olympics. I would be happy even with the third place actually.


Outside the sport life you always want to be fit and healthy.

To take my mind off quite hard trainings – I just go for a walk with a friend.

I did not have a favorite subject in school. For me, there was nothing special in school curriculum at all.

I have only two idols in sports. New Zealanders: Mahe Drysdale and Robert Manson. During the interview Mahe once said that he was very sick. Doctors warned that he could die any time. Nevertheless, he continued to train. You can say he is a hero. And Robert Menson is «the author» of the best race I have ever seen. In the beginning he was only the fourth, but then he won the race with a huge margin. Very cool!


Photo: NOC Belarus, NOC Cuba