National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
11 October 2018
YOG 2018. Belarus' swimmer Anastasiya Shkurdai placed second in 50m batterfly

On the fourh day of the III Youth Olympic Games Belarusian swimmer Anastasiya Shkurdai won the silver medal in women's 50m butterfly.

On the way to the final Anastasiya won qualification (26,56), then in the semifinal round she shared the first place with Germany's Angelina Koehler (26,65). In the final she covered the distance in 26,62 seconds, which is just 0,22 second after Swedish Sara Junevik and 0,06 second prior to Russia's Polina Egorova.



15-year-old Anastasiya from Brest has already won the Junior World Championship in 100m butterfly this year.

It's been the third Belaurusian medal at Buenos Aires 2018 after judoka Artsiom Kolasau's gold and rower Ivan Brynza's silver. One more international mixed team gold has been conquered by Artsiom Kolasau.

The NOC Belarus congratulates Anastasiya on her silver.


Photo: the NOC Belarus Press Service, NOC Turkey