National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
Team BY
Action "Our Children" with the participation of the NOC of Belarus
NOC of Belarus took part in the action "Our children"
National Olympic Committee took part in the action
The charitable campaign "Our Children" continues
Athletes continue to sign open petitions
Maxim Nedosekov spoke about the calls of destructive forces
A working meeting was held at the NOC of Belarus
Belarusian athletes won 71 Olympic Games licenses
Belarusian athletes won 71 licenses
Belarusian athletes sign a letter
Vasilisa Marzalyuk: “My position is to divert sport from politics”.
Rutenko hopes that the letter will correct the situation
IOC position discriminates against Belarusian athletes
Dmitri Dovgalyonok on how the IOC decision will affect
Signatures under the appeal to the public
Barbashinsky signed an appeal of athletes
Gomel athletes for sports outside politics
Belarusian athletes responded to the calls of opposition-minded colleagues
The unifying power of sport Appeal of athletes from Belarus
Famous athletes sign an open appeal

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