National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
23 June 2020
NOC Belarus congratulates you on the International Olympic Day!

Dear athletes, coaches, fans! Dear friends! 

NOC Belarus congratulates you on the International Olympic Day!

The Olympic Games are a significant event for the world community, the one which brings people together. Symbolized by five interlaced rings, the Olympic Movement is a continuous and universal phenomenon.

Being a participant of the Games or, better yet, an Olympic champion is every athlete’s dream. The goal of the Olympic movement is to bring children and young people up in a spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play through sports for further strengthening of peace.

This celebration of the Games is meant to highlight the significance of sports, beauty and health. Perseverance, temperance and achievements of our athletes are an example to follow. Despite the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, the Belarusian athletes have been training hard for future competitions, overcoming multiple difficulties and demonstrating their strength of spirit and will to win.

We sincerely wish all athletes and coaching staff successes at competitions, top athletic achievements, triumphs, and well-deserved awards! We’ll continue to strive towards Olympic heights together as a team!