National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
4 March 2020
The NOC of Belarus Commission approved the work plan for 2020

A meeting of the Commission for working with sports federations was held at the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus.

The meeting approved the Commission's work plan for 2020, discussed in detail the activities and decisions (on temporary recognition) of the public associations: the "Belarusian Federation of hardening and Winter Swimming", "Belarusian Federation of hand-to-hand combat and mixed martial arts", "Belarusian Federation of bodybuilding and fitness", "Belarusian Federation of mountaineering". 

Chairman of the Commission, Valiantsin Barovok congratulated Alexander Ekimenko (the Chairman of the Belarusian field hockey Federation), on the successful performance of the Women's Indoor hockey team, which won gold awards at the EuroHockey Indoor Championship in January this year.

Press and Photo: the NOC of Belarus