9 April 2019
Nikolai Gorbachev passed away

Nikolay Gorbachev was born on 15 May 1948 in Rogachev. When he was 12 he was fond of rowing under the leadership of Victor Stanibula. At the Olympic Games-1972 in Munich, together with Viktor Kratasyuk from Georgia, he won a gold medal in the K-2 1000 m event. He also successfully performed in the K-4 10000 m event and became European champion.

At the end of his sport career in 1976, he returned to his native town Rogachev, where many years ago he began his coaching career. It was he who initiated opening of the school № 2 in rowing and canoeing. He became the first headmaster of this school and led it until 2010.

The NOC Belarus expresses its profound condolences to the Nikolai’s family for the irreparable loss.

The farewell with Nikolai Gorbachev will be on April 10 from 10.00 to 12.00 in the Rogachev district cultural center (Gomel region).