National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus
11 October 2018
YOG 2018. Belarusian acrobatics duet won Buenos Aires mixed team bronze

On competitions day four of the III Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires the Belarusian duet of Victoryia Akhotnikava and Ilya Famenkou joined the team 'Oksana Chusovitina', whith whome they won the bronze awards.

Apart from the Belarusian gymnasts, there were also representatives of artistic, rhythmic and trampoline gymnastics from the USA, UK, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Guatemala, Australia, Japan, Germany, Argentina and Greece in the 'Oksana Chusovitina' team.

Victoryia Akhotnikava and Ilya Famenkou wil perform in the acrobatics final round on 15 October. They are guided by coach Tatsiana Auchynnikava.

Belarus has now one gold and two silver medals. Two more medals - the gold and bronze - were conquered by the Belarusian athletes under the Olympic bannder.

Photo courtesy of IOC